Our history

Our professional partnership firm in its current form goes back to 1931. Its founder was Erich Zimmermann, juris doctor and chartered tax accountant.

In 1950 the present senior partner, Helmut Clauss (juris doctor), joined as a working student. After passing his first public bar exams and accountancy exams in 1960 he became a partner of Dr Erich Zimmermann.

In 1962 Dr Eberhard Paal (MBA) joined the firm as it was then constituted, initially as an employee. After passing his accountancy exams in 1967 he became one of the firm’s additional partners. Dr Zimmermann left the firm upon retiring in 1969.
The additional partners have been taken on board since 1992.

Our registration as a professional partnership with the Partnership Register of Essen Local Court occurred in 2000 under the registration number of HR-PR 685.

Dr Paal left the firm at the end of 2004, Dr. Clauss at year end 2013.