Committed staff and consistent personnel development.

Only someone who is competent and committed can in the long run provide best possible advisory services. That is why we look forward to our staff bringing with them considerable willingness to perform and team spirit together with the highest possible personal and professional qualifications. Almost all of our auditors, certified accountants and tax accountants were trained in our firm. The more complex business conditions become the higher the demands. For that reason we only recruit highly qualified applicants and train them intensely. Each year our staff pass additional qualifying exams in order to consistently continue their education.

That entails our clients having permanent contact interlocutors possessing extensive professional knowledge and in addition being able to call upon the competence of all of the experts joined together in our partnership.

As a company managed in a “partnership”-like manner our relation to our staff members is very personal and team oriented. We know: consistent personnel development and open communication amongst each other ensure an information flow that ultimately benefits our clients.